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Alone With None But Thee My God

 Alone With None But Thee My God

Author: Obiorah Phil Ifenna

So profound is the portrait which Matthew, the Evangelist, presents to us about Jesus - the Christ. In today's Gospel, the Matthean Christ, above all else, was presented to us as a "man of prayer". No wonder He (Christ), towards the end of the day, climbed the mountain to commune with His Father (cf. Matt.14:23).

And so, we too are called to this life of prayer - a life of intimate communion with the one who lives on high. That alone with none but thee our God, we may pour out our hearts to Him; who alone knows our grief and can bandage the wounds of our sins.

On that very mountain, tossed around by  the waves of fears and doubts, we will hear Him say: "Courage! Do not be afraid" (cf. Matt.14:27). And relying solely on His goodness we might respond: "Be merciful unto us for we sinned against you!" (cf. Ps.51:3a).

Reflection on Tuesday of the Eighteenth Week of the Ordinary Time

  • 3rd August, 2021

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