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The Manna and The Mystery by Obiorah Phil

The Manna and the Mystery

Author: Obiorah Phil Ifenna

The "Bread from heaven" was called "Manna". But what could said of the Manna is only that which it is likened to. The author of the fourth book of the Torah (Numbers) was indeed not specific on what the Manna is. As he struggled to define it, he ended up describing what it is like instead of what it is. He puts beautifully thus:  "Manna was like..." (cf. Num.11:7). 

Hence, "the Bread from heaven" assumes the name Manna because its identity as food seems unclear to the people. Just as the name suggests, they just don't know what it is. 

And so is the Eucharist - that reality and mystery far beyond the  human mind; a Sacred specie that is all in all. 

It is only in the light of true faith could one affirm in all certainty the mystery that surrounds the manna (bread). Only then could one say that the Eucharist, just like  the Manna, is in truth, a mystery - for they both came from heaven.

Reflection on Monday of the Eighteenth Week of the Ordinary Time


2nd August, 2021

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