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Lenten Reflection 1: A Return to the Father.


 Topic: A Return to the Father. 



What is man other than ash and dust? The voice that echoes from the temple says: ‘You are dust and unto dust you shall return’. Today the unrepentant ego of the proud is lowered. The truth of what he is and what he is to become is revealed. Knowing he is nothing but dust, he resolves to return to Him who is all in all.

There comes a time in a man's life when one must say to himself: ‘I will get up and go back to my father’ (Luke 15:18). These words of the prodigal son had thus become fitting for all penitent hearts weary and tired of sin. In truth, it is a conscious personal resolution that sets one on a path - a spiritual journey back home.  Therein we behold an embrace of the father who awaits and is in search; and the  son, who tired of wandering in error and guilt had consciously returned in tears with those words, which for me, is indeed a prayer and a request.

Friends, to whom shall we go (John. 6: 68) if not the father? He calls, expects and welcomes us back home.  He alone, only him, can bandage the wounds of our sins.


 God our Father,

We, like the prodigal son, have indeed sinned and have gone far away from You. Give us the grace to get up and return to You. Upon return, heal the wounds of our sins.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.. Amen!!

****A moment with Phil....

(Ash Wednesday, 2nd March, 2022) 

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