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Lenten Reflection 2: The ‘I’ in the Echo from the Pigsty.

 Topic: The ‘I’ in the Echo from the Pigsty. 

By Obiorah Ifenna 

Considering that voice which echoes from the pigsty – ‘I will get up and go back to my father’ (Lk.15:18), one is drawn into a quest for the understanding of the reality – ‘I’. The question,  "who am 'I'?” becomes both essential and existential. The answer to this question isn't very easy. A better understanding of the "ego" (the self) is a big task for everyone. It is a tedious task; for most times the self is tempted to forget that the basic object of inquiry is one and same. Hence, it goes about seeking the knowledge of the externals.  Be it as it may, true pertinence must proceed with the inquiry of the inquirer. For the words, "I will get up and return to my father", are words of a truly penitent self who aware of his own sins, accepts his faults and thus set in motion towards reconciliation – reconciliation with God, the self and with others. 

Accept it or not, no one could make progress in his path to holiness if not aware of the self. In truth, ones level of holiness depends on ones level of self awareness. Do not therefore pre-occupy yourself with the faults of other. Waste no further time in judging  your neighbours. Until you tell yourself the truth about yourself, you will never tell the truth about others. I have not seen a liar more than the self. And the greatest lies are the ones which one told himself.

Being aware of how filth and dirty one is before the Maker, will help one acknowledge his sins and truly repent from them.


 Lord our God,

It is your will that the true knowledge of our sins will spur us to repentance. Open our eyes to see how corrupt and dirty we have become.  May this self knowledge bring conversion to our wayward hearts. We ask this through Christ our Lord... Amen!!!



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