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Lenten Reflection 3: Sin – The Huge Tall Tree

 Topic: Sin – The Huge Tall Tree

By Obiorah Ifenna

And the voice said: imagine if the entire trees in the world come together to make one tree - what a big tree that might be?  Before my house stands a huge tall tree - with stems and hard roots. Though it creates a wide coverage and shield from the sun, its hollowed stems are homes to many deadly pythons. What then could this huge tall tree be likened to? This huge tall tree could as well be regarded as SIN. And its deep hard roots are the seven capital sins. The masters call them "the grave diggers" of hell.

A little further one is confronted with the analysis of the Tree and the snake. In truth, the tree at the middle of the garden haboured the crafty python that led man to sin and death? This undoubtedly draws a link between the tree, the python and the sin. 

Hear it again oh penitent soul, that the python seen at the tree of sin brought death to all. In sin, the spotless man was stained - his glory lost and tears began to run down the cheeks of all. In that garden that harboured the tree of sin, the true nature, dignity and glory of man was consumed by the crafty python.

Thus, just like the python that strangles before consuming its prey, sin incapacitates man's desire for good, sets him in an irrational war against his Maker, and afterwards, consumes him to death. In sin, we strayed from the right path. In sin, we missed the mark. In sin, we lose our inheritance. In sin, man and humanity is gradually consumed. For the sinner had already deviated from the path set for him by his maker. Thus, he did not only miss the mark that designates the right path, but as well  had  lost the mark of a true son worthy of an inheritance from his father.


Almighty God,

You are bigger than what we can ever tell of you. You are mightier than the huge tree of sin that had grown in us. Hold us fast in your love. And may your grace be a source of strength against all forces of sin.  We make our prayer through Christ our Lord... Amen!!!



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