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Lenten Reflection 5: The Number ‘Six’ - The Symbol of Sin

 Topic: The Number ‘Six’ - The Symbol of Sin

By Obiorah Ifenna 

Interestingly, the number six (6) is quite a terrible digit; for it signifies incompleteness. In its ultimate form, it is the mark of the beast - the symbol of sin (Rev.13:18).

Sin makes a man incomplete. It is a sure connection with the fallen angel - Lucifer; who infuses into him (man) the spirit of rebellion and deception.  The sinner accepts what God rejects. He embraces what God forbids. He gratifies himself in evil and lures others into profane acts. Hence, he degrades himself to the level of a brute. He is a beast - an  antichrist, an agent of hell, an embodiment of the sixth digit. 

Sin imprints in the soul the number six (6). It robs man of the essential ingredients of a sound and moral soul; leaving him incomplete. The scripture in the gospel of John 6:66 (note these numbers) identities the beast  s an incomplete man – a man of sin. He is the man who went no further with Christ and has gone back to sin.

Sin separates man from God. It robs man of his normal life; and thus renders him incomplete. The number six (6) is a symbol of sin and thus a mark for all who are doomed to be eternally destroyed.


Almighty God,

Only You are perfect. You have the words of eternal life. Erase the mark of sin that renders us incomplete and perfect us in your love and holiness.  We asked this through Christ our Lord....Amen!!



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